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Apps now available.

The GoSave parents app helps you set up your piggy bank, manage tasks, chores, rewards, goals and more. Now available on iOS and Android.

Control the piggy bank from anywhere in the world.

Whether you're on the couch, or away on business you can send messages and interact easily.

Remind yourself to save :) 

It's not just kids that need reminders and encouragement, our app's designed to help you hit your financial goals for your kids too.


Designed by parents, for parents (and kids).

GoSave has been designed by a team of parents, designers, savers and spenders alike. We're working hard to make GoSave the very best piggy bank on the market and as our early customers we're eager for feedback, ideas and input as we continue to refine the product. When you purchase a GoSave you join this community.


Here's some of our most common questions. Have any different ones? Feel free to reach out and we'll get back to you asap.

When are you delivering?

Deliveries for Penny the Pig start on September 30, 2019. Our other characters (Astro and Uma) will be available sometime in 2020 TBC.

How is the money handled? 

GoSave is a digital and a physical piggy bank, which means it can hold physical coins, as well as display a digital balance. Currently the digital balance is an IOU between you and your child. For example if the display shows a balance of $130 that your child has earned through pocket money and chores that money is just a promise. In the near future we'll add the ability to let you shift real money, into a real account - but for now, this is mainly a teaching tool, rather than a banking product.

Can I put coins and notes in? 

Yes! In addition to acting as a digital piggy bank GoSave let's you store coins and notes just like a regular 'ol piggy bank. GoSave doesn't detect or count the coins automatically, but it let's you add the exact amount as you enter it. GoSave detects when you've entered coins and notes and the UI on the toy asks you how much you've dropped in. It then adds this to your total balance. Once you take this money out (or some of it) just subtract it from your total.

Security and Privacy

All your data is 256k encrypted and hosted on a secure server. We don't hold any banking details and GoSave doesn't interact with a real bank account yet. Once we announce our banking features we'll provide a full privacy and security policy, as well as a product disclosure statement on how the funds are handled.