Why GoSave? 

Financial literacy matters.

Teaching kids about saving and financial literacy is harder than ever. Even as adults we often have difficulty remembering to save with almost 62% of Americans having less than $1000 in savings and more than 21% don't save at all. We can solve this together.

Our story to date.

From idea, to prototype, to reality.

We started building GoSave in 2017 and were lucky enough to win a VISA Everywhere Award in 2018, and join Techstars in 2019. It's been a thrilling journey so far, and like any startup not without it's challenges but the response from parents, kids and partners alike has convinced us of the merits in this approach.

A consumer and a B2B product.

Savings as a Platform

GoSave has been designed for individuals but also banks, credit unions and education companies who share our vision of making financial literacy fun.

Custom characters

Partners can customise Penny or we can design new characters to match a brief.

Use one of your designs.

Get a professional website designed according to your needs.

Work with our design team.

Get a professional website designed according to your needs.

Integrates via API

GoSave is flexible and allows you to display a balance and much more.

Balance, transfers and more.

Depending on your API and the functions you wish to enable.

Safe, secure and compliant.

We work with you to ensure we meet all security and compliance.

Fulfillment & support

We provide logistics, support and can even 3PL facilities.

Deliver to a Single location, or

Whether you'd like to control distribution or outsource to us.

Deliver direct to your customers.

Ability to set-up an inbound and outbound supply chain and support.

Working together.

We're here to help and understand the level of planning and co-ordination to deliver a product like this  - and the excitement and opportunity it brings to end customers. Here's a brief overview of the process below and we welcome further questions.

Customise Penny or
create your own unique character. 

Initial Discussions

Reach out and we begin the discussions and proposal.


Proposal & Pilot

Once approved we work with you to sign off and test with real customers.


Commercial Rollout

At the conclusion of the pilot we can develop a plan to deliver at scale.

Need more info?

Get in touch.

If you'd like to talk further we're always open to starting the conversation and seeing where we can help. Most of our team are based in Australia but we work with partners around the world and don't mind getting on a late night call. 

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