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How it works.

Designed for kids aged 5-12 GoSave is a simple and fun way to teach kids the basics of financial literacy from an early age. Here's what you can do.

Cashless pocket money.

The GoSave app lets you send your child pocket money, rewards, birthday money and more and lets them see their balance directly on the toy.

Reward tasks and goals.

In addition to pocket money you can also reward tasks, chores, achievements and help kids build their sense of confidence by hitting goals.

Stars & Currency.

GoSave can act as a digital start chart, rather than just a piggy bank. Ideal for younger kids and families that don't want to use just financial rewards.

Small amounts can really add up!

Try out our savings estimator below to see how small weekly contributions can really add up (even before the magic of compound interest).

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What else can you do with GoSave?

Encourage family members to assist.

In addition to your savings, you can invite other family members to your GoSave account. This lets them send video messages, rewards and cash in digital envelopes on special occasions making saving more social.

Get custom reports, insights and ideas.

Each month with GoSave you get a fully customized report that calculates how much you’re currently saving, and how much you’ll have by the time your child is 18. Over time - even averaging $5 a day can really add up!

Linking GoSave to a debit card or bank account.

In addition to the GoSave piggy banks we're in discussions with a number of key partners around the world about how to link GoSave directly to a bank account, or smart reloadable debit card. There's a lot of great providers in this space, so stay tuned for announcements on this and who we'll be partnering with in your part of the world.

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